New ECP Studios Website LAUNCHED!!!

Welcome to ECP Studios new Blog. After re-designing our website we felt we should enter the world of social media with open arms. We have recently set up a new YouTube Channel to upload all of our recent and completed projects on. Twitter has also become a new addition to ECP Studios.

As many of our projects are varied and can take place all around the UK, we felt utilising all forms of social media would be a fantastic new approach to keeping our clients updated and informed with what we’ve been up to.

Our most recent accomplishment is the completion of our Homepage for This website will be the central hub for ECP, pointing our visitors in the direction of our expertise. We’ve got four main areas to our business listed below, by selecting any of them you can visit our new site and see the new designs, photographs and video!

  1. ECP Studios Wedding Photography – Over 4 generations of experience in Newbury, ECP Studios have to be the most experienced Wedding Photographers in the area. Our new site will have our most up to date photographs, latest testimonials and new Wedding Photography packages.
  2. ECP Studios Commercial Photography – Conferences, Corporate Events, Studio Still Life and Location can all be achieved using ECP Studios. Our new Photography site will focus on all these areas and show you exactly what we can help you create!
  3. ECP Studios Wedding Video – now in it’s 10 year, our Wedding Video side of the business has grown from strength to strength. We’ve uploaded a new showreel for 2012 which explains everything we cover from Bridal Preparations through to First Dance.
  4. ECP Studios Commercial Video – Here we aim to add all of our Corporate Videos, Video Testimonials, Web Packages and have a brand new 2012 commercial showreel.

Please have a look at the new site and keep popping back to our blog to see what we’ve been up to over the next few weeks. If you would like to speak with any of our team please feel free to call 01635 276060 or email us and we’ll discuss any requirements you may have.

Many Thanks,

Jonny Paine, ECP Studios Video Creator & Editor

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